In 2013, backgrounds became stars just by being such incredible supporting players . It wasn’t only the backgrounds for the photo booths that stood out by their originality and whimsy, but also the ceremony and cakes backgrounds.

For the ceremony

Entire walls of light can give a magic feel to any ceremony.BD Lights1BD Lights2

Fabric backgrounds are a bit more traditional, but if you play with very sheer curtains, ribbons or even garlands, you can create a wonderful decor.BD TISSUBD Tissu 6BD Tissu 16

Fabrics with graphic patterns can achieve an interesting and unconventional visual impact.BD Motifs 5BD Motifs 13

Flowers adds loads of charm and romance.
BD Fleurs 9BD Fleurs 11

A very popular trend, especially in country themed wedding, are backgrounds made off old doors and windows, which brings a rustic originality to any decor.BD DW 2BD DW 3BD DW 8

There are so many uniques ideas, you can go in all kinds of directions, following your imagination, your theme and your budget. Projections, hearts, decorative elements, old suitcases, books, anything can be used to create a surprising or traditional background.
BD Autre 4BD Autre 16BD Autre 3BD Autre 10BD Autre 14

A trend that I really like is the one with written words, simply because I just love words and they allow us to put a lot more meaning in our ceremony. Be it a renown poem, your favorite song, a quote that touched you, a love letter, these words bring a very personal touch to the decor that will surely delight your guests.BG WRTING 1BG WRTING 3

For the photo booths

Photo booths are now a fixture in trendy and traditional weddings. One thing they all share, they are FUN! Crazy ideas are now the norm and they are the basis for unforgettable pictures!BG PB1BG PB2BG PB3BG PB4BG PB5

For the Cakes

Wedding cakes have become more than just deserts, they are now very important in the whole concept and look of your wedding. With this new importance, come a key location and an appropriate decor.BG CAKE 1BG WRTING 2BG CAKE3BG CAKE5BG CAKE4

Here’s my favorite background, it’s so elegant and dramatic, it takes my breath away!BD Autre 15

After a very exhaustive research to find these beautiful examples on Pinterest, my conclusion would be this: there are no more rules or limits when you are choosing a background. You let your imagination guide you and the results will simply be amazing!

For more examples of all kinds of exciting and unique backgrounds, just visit my Pinterest:




If you want to get away from convention and make a big impression, you can choose a wedding cake with bold colours or a surprising shape or with unique decorations. And when you go that way, that is where the master bakers creativity really take flight!

Bright Colours

A few years ago, it was uncommon to see wedding cakes in bright colours like fuchsia, orange, red or yellow. Even if it’s so beautiful!

You wouldn’t have dared combining such a bold colour as fuchsia with orange (trendy!) or…

… lime green (surprising!) or …

…black (modern!) or even…

… purple (brilliant!).

And who would have thought to add some lime green as a third colour (inspired!).

Because lime green was usually used as an accent colour, never with beautiful hues as purple, like these.

Purple was more often classic or romantic, it would go with white or pale pink. By combining it to pops of bright colours, like red, you make it vibrant!

Blue were more reserved, in pastels or navy. They never took the beautiful shade of turquoise and they never dared to mingle with fuchsia or lilac.

These days, there’s no limits to colours combinations, you can go all out,  be daring, you can stun and have a blast, and the results are simply breathtaking!

Unusual Shapes

It’s not only the colours that have evolved, the cake shapes also became innovative, unusual and so creative!

A Blast of Shapes, Colours & Ideas

It is now the new normal to play with colours and shapes and to dare to be different. There’s no limit to whimsical, cakes have become the reflexion of the bridegroom’s personality. Innovation is in, for everyone’s pleasure!

Here’s my favorite! This cake shows its creator’s sense of humor and it’s the perfect conclusion to this whirlwind of colours and shapes!

You can find all these cakes, and more like them, on my Pinterest boards at, with the links to their own websites.
And I’m not done surprising you with gorgeous wedding cakes… my addiction to them led me to discover real treasures of creativity…
To be continued…


Wedding cakes have evolved a lot in the last years. Because of television series like Cake Boss & Cake Wars, we all know that everything can be made into a cake and that they are real artists that works in that field.  I must admit that after a few seasons of these series, I was a bit tired of it and disinterested. When I started on Pinterest, I never looked at Cakes boards. Everything changed a few weeks ago.

I was impressed by the beauty and the perfection of the flowers on Andrée & Jean’s cake, which sort of got me into it.

Then I started to look around everyone’s cake boards and I got hooked! It’s been weeks that most of my pins are cakes. But not any cake, I’m VERY picky. I don’t marvel at any sort of embellishment. I like unique, different, colourful, delicate. I’m really not into traditional. I think my obsession just got fulfilled after spending hours on someone’s board which had more than 28 000 pins! I can now share with you my observations and my findings.

First observation: lots of work doesn’t necessarily equal beautiful. Sometimes, too much is just too much.

I have to tell you that this is my personal taste and taste shouldn’t be discussed. If you don’t agree with my observations or my favorites, who am I to tell you that you’re wrong? You’re entitled to your own opinion and I totally respect that.

Second observation: simple can be stunning.

Third observation: it’s NEVER too colourful!

Fourth observation: the line between gorgeous and kitsch is very thin, as you can see with those examples who are, in my opinion, just on the border of good taste.

Fifth observation: traditional, even if it’s not my cup of tea, can be beautiful.

Conclusion: wedding cake making is now a real art form  and we’re not done being amazed by the creativity and talent of the master pastry chefs!

You can find all these cakes on my Pinterest boards at, with the links to their own websites. In my next posts, I will show you gorgeous examples of theme cakes, that will continue to dazzle you!

To be continued…