In 2013, backgrounds became stars just by being such incredible supporting players . It wasn’t only the backgrounds for the photo booths that stood out by their originality and whimsy, but also the ceremony and cakes backgrounds.

For the ceremony

Entire walls of light can give a magic feel to any ceremony.BD Lights1BD Lights2

Fabric backgrounds are a bit more traditional, but if you play with very sheer curtains, ribbons or even garlands, you can create a wonderful decor.BD TISSUBD Tissu 6BD Tissu 16

Fabrics with graphic patterns can achieve an interesting and unconventional visual impact.BD Motifs 5BD Motifs 13

Flowers adds loads of charm and romance.
BD Fleurs 9BD Fleurs 11

A very popular trend, especially in country themed wedding, are backgrounds made off old doors and windows, which brings a rustic originality to any decor.BD DW 2BD DW 3BD DW 8

There are so many uniques ideas, you can go in all kinds of directions, following your imagination, your theme and your budget. Projections, hearts, decorative elements, old suitcases, books, anything can be used to create a surprising or traditional background.
BD Autre 4BD Autre 16BD Autre 3BD Autre 10BD Autre 14

A trend that I really like is the one with written words, simply because I just love words and they allow us to put a lot more meaning in our ceremony. Be it a renown poem, your favorite song, a quote that touched you, a love letter, these words bring a very personal touch to the decor that will surely delight your guests.BG WRTING 1BG WRTING 3

For the photo booths

Photo booths are now a fixture in trendy and traditional weddings. One thing they all share, they are FUN! Crazy ideas are now the norm and they are the basis for unforgettable pictures!BG PB1BG PB2BG PB3BG PB4BG PB5

For the Cakes

Wedding cakes have become more than just deserts, they are now very important in the whole concept and look of your wedding. With this new importance, come a key location and an appropriate decor.BG CAKE 1BG WRTING 2BG CAKE3BG CAKE5BG CAKE4

Here’s my favorite background, it’s so elegant and dramatic, it takes my breath away!BD Autre 15

After a very exhaustive research to find these beautiful examples on Pinterest, my conclusion would be this: there are no more rules or limits when you are choosing a background. You let your imagination guide you and the results will simply be amazing!

For more examples of all kinds of exciting and unique backgrounds, just visit my Pinterest:




A Final Sprint

The Big Day is here at last! Ready or not, I have to deliver today! I do the last preparations and it’s a go! I live on the second floor, so I have to go up and down at least 10 times before I’m ready to leave. Sweat is dripping down my back and it’s gonna stay that way for the rest of the day. It looks like it’s gonna be a sprint to the finish line, worthy of Bolt olympic 100m dash.

There’s traffic on the 15, I take the wrong direction exiting the 640 to go get the flowers, get lost in a maze of detours due to, what else, construction and after a few very deep ost… de tab…, I finally find my way and my florist.

I get to the hall at 11h30. Which means I have about 4 hours to get everything done and in place, with maybe an extra 2 hours, during the ceremony and the cocktail. A 80 years old handy man is there to help me. More surprises… one round white tablecloth and three long ones are missing and there’s not enough white chairs for everyone. I still have to adapt to the situation and find solutions. Luckily, my green overlay hides the fact that the tablecloths are not the same colour. I will have to go get long tablecloths for the cake, the bar and the cocktail tables. Monsieur Giroux suggests that I use folding chairs for the reception, so that all the chairs are the same. See, problems solved!

The Ceremony Area

When I’m done positioning the tables and the chairs, I put on the tablecloths, the overlays and the table runners, so that the lady can start setting the tables. I turn my attention to the ceremony area, which has to be ready first, when the guests arrive. Monsieur Giroux helps me put the chairs in a half circle and brings me the arch, which we assemble with a lot of efforts. I garnish it with the orange tulle, I add two green bows and voilà! I lay down the aisle runner, install fours little lanterns to line it, with my two tall arrangements. It’s really windy so I have to make sure that everything is secure… but too late, the arch takes a dive and ends up in pieces! Carlos, the photographer, helps me getting in back on its feet. I see two large umbrella bases and I use them to hold down the arch, so it won’t move again. I try to arrange the tulle, which is not perfect anymore, I add a few bows to the chairs and it’s done!

Photo: Carlos Verrando (Most pictures are mine, except when indicated.)

The Gift Table

I hurry back to the hall to finish it. I prepare the gift table with all of the accessories my sister lended me. I found the perfect lacquered box for the guests cards at Homesense. I added a green lining and the name of the bridegroom, tied with a green ribbon. It will make a beautiful keepsake and will go perfectly in their bedroom decor!

The Escort Cards

After puting on the tablecloth on the cocktail table, I arrange the champagne glasses and tie a place card to each of them with green and orange ribbons. I would have loved to have a better tablecloth (it’s green plastic!) but that’s all I found at the Dollorama, 15 minutes before the cocktail. Fortunately, the escort cards, with their little colored flowers, make for a very cute look.

Photo: Carlos Verrando

The Centerpieces

Back in the reception area, the tables are set, I put together my centerpieces, which are all ready, all assembled, just add water. The result is colorful and really beautiful!

The Main Table

I place 10 square vases on the main table, 5 on each side of my two rectangular vases full of grass and gerberas. I alternate one green and orange arrangement with one vase with a candle and colored water. It looks exactly like the picture I had in my mind, it’s lovely!

The napkins and menus

I set down an orange cloth napkin at each places, I insert the menus… (I have to tell you that the night before, my printer died after printing only 4 menus… I had to stop my setting up and dash to Bureau en Gros to print the rest of the 39 menus.)  Last little detail, a small green leave on the menus.

The Chairs

Finally, I dress up the chairs with a beautiful satin orange or green bow. The lovebirds chairs get a superb tall gerbera, slipped into the bow. My decor is done. And in all modesty, it’s gorgeous!

Photo: Carlos Verrando

Photo: Carlos Verrando

When the doors opened and the guests saw the hall, their reaction was unanimous: WOW, this is beautiful! And the wonderstruck expression on the bride’s face was my ultimate reward. It was a sprint, that felt more like a marathon, but all in all, it’s mission accomplished!