My name is France Morency and I had the incredible luck to be surrounded by creativity all my life. My mom was an artist, a hair dresser, a painter, a photographer. My sister and I have inherited that gene.

My head has always been filled with projects, stories, pictures, since I was a little girl. I’ve been working in video production for the last 20 years and I just started in tv production. I had to start at the bottom of the ladder and go back to organization, something that I instinctively master. But I was missing creation, and then a golden opportunity presented itself, which triggered a whole new passion that makes me shiver. I had the good fortune to create my friend’s wedding theme and decor and that gave me tremendous pleasure.

I always loved to create original centerpieces and beautiful tables every time that I have guests over. This year, when my guests arrived at my Christmas diner, I was still cooking, but the table was set and simply gorgeous, up to the last small detail. That sort of shows where my priorities lie.

One of my forte is that my creativity is never based on expensive elements. I can elaborate a decor only with things found in bargain stores, without anyone noticing it. I see myself as the alternative to the big decor/big budget, but an alternative that will never compromise aesthetics and originality.

I have created dozens of decor for the non-profit organisation that I belong to. All of them with ridiculous budget and incredible results. The idea that I could work with a real budget gives me chills of anticipation. I know that the future holds many great surprises! My main goal: delight all the people I will help and fill their life with beauty.



One thought on “A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME

  1. Hi France, read about you but didn’t find how you started painting on cakes. I think they are fabulous and something I would love to do, I love your colour combinations and the always loved painting on cakes and then adding the element of 3 D. Absolutely brilliant.

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