This year, to every designers surprise, Blazing Blue was not named PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR, that honor went to Radiant Orchid.


Radiant Orchid is a beautiful deep purple, closer in tone to fuchsia than blue or lilac. It is a color that is often hard to identify clearly and that varies in tone depending on your monitor. But it has a lot of punch and blends perfectly with a multitude of colors like lilacs, pinks, greens and blues. And for the daring ones, match them with some red, orange or even yellow, and everyone will be amazed by the results.

Go all out and put Radiant Orchid at the forefront with stunning wedding and bridesmaids dresses. Or use it as an accent in your make-up, your accessories, your bouquets, your decor, your cake, your invitation or even your cocktails. One way or another, this gorgeous Pantone Color of the Year will give your wedding all of the impact you always wanted to create!

1.3-Robe 1.2-Robe 1.1-Maquillage 3.2-Accessories 3.1-Accessoires2.4-Bouquet 2.3-Bouquet 2.1-Bouquet 4.2-Bridesmaids 4.4-Bridesmaids 4.1-Bridesmaids 4.3-Bridesmaids 5.1-Groom 5.2-Groom 6.2-Ceremony 6.3-Ceremony 6.4-Ceremony 6.5-Ceremony 7.3-Chairs 7.1-Decor 7.4-Food 7.1-Chair 7.4-Chairs 8.2-Table OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 8.3-Table 8.4-Table 9.4-Centerpiece 9.1-Centerpiece 9.2-Centerpiece 9.3-Centerpiece 12.1-TableNumbers 12.2-TableNumbers12.3-TableNumbers 10.1-Napkins 13.3-Cake 13.2-Cake 7.5-Food 13.1-Cake 0.2-Invitation 0.3-Invitation

The least you can say is that the new Color of the Year Radiant Orchid is not for the modest, nor the conformist. It calls for a certain ballsiness, but despite its bite, it breathes romanticism and softness and is well-suited for every kind of wedding.

For more examples of this beautiful stranger, go see my Pinterest at:

You can also upload my inspiration board!





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