I will take a little break from weddings and cakes to share with you another one of my passions… Christmas. Here’s something that will probably change the way you see me, but what the hell: I have a 47 Santa Claus collection, that I display every year, with so much pleasure. Tacky? Noooo! They’re so cute, don’t you think?





Yeah, I’m a Christmas freak and I totally own that! When, on Halloween, the Dollorama starts to put out their Christmas decorations, I really have to dig my heels in not to buy them right away. And then I start, right at that moment, to think about centerpieces, arrangements and wreaths! It’s a sickness, I know, but a very inspiring sickness.

And what’s more, in the last few years, Christmas is having a blast. We aren’t only stuck with red, gold and green anymore. These colours are still classic, but we can now find Christmas decorations in all colours! Pink, purple, turquoise, lime green! Look how beautiful!

Sapin Or & RougeSapin RoseSapin MauveSapin VertSapin Rose & TurquoiseSapin aux couelurs de Paon/ Pier ImportSapin Argent & TurqoiseSapin Blanc & Argent


A big trend that is still going on this year? Feathers! Bouclair has gorgeous feathers  trees and wreaths that will modernize any Christmas decor:  Actually, you can find there a multitude of beautiful and more than affordable Christmas knickknacks, from the whimsical ball to the sparkling table runner, from the shiny tinny tree to the colorful plates. My advice, wait for the week following Christmas, everything is on sale, at least 50% off. It’s really worth it!

The Dolloramas, the Dollar Max depot in Boucherville, HomeSence and Zellers are all amazing places to find all sorts of decorations, balls, ribbons, bauble, candles, at a very little price. With a little bit of imagination and less than 20$, you can dream up stunning centerpieces and sensational wreaths. That is what I’m gonna show you in the following weeks, with my own creations and the ones I found on Pinterest. Here’s a little taste, a trendy centerpiece I’ve done last year and a very classic one I did last week.


It’s a date? See you then!


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