In the last few years, one of the biggest trend in bakery has been cupcakes. Cupcakes shops have multiplied in Montreal, as everywhere. Cupcakes can be perfect interpretations of wedding romanticism, because their frosting can become a rose, a pearl, a heart, anything that represents love and the union of two people.

These are one of my favorites… what woman can resist shoes?

Cakes & Cupcakes

What is also very trendy is to create a beautiful small cake, to put it on a tall display and to surround it with cupcakes of the same colours and theme. You can go for romanticism or colour. I think it’s brilliant, since every guest gets his or hers own cupcake. And the visual impact is very interesting.

Mini Cakes

If you like the cupcake idea, but you want to be different, you can go for mini cakes, those exquisite little creations, delicate and elegant. They also can be the reflection of the wedding colours and theme.

Cakes & Mini Cakes

The visual impact is as interesting when you display a normal shape cake with all of his little reproductions. Once more, details are in fashion, be it small bows, pretty little flowers or vibrant colours.

Of all of the trends I’ve seen up until now in wedding cakes, I must say that the cupcakes & mini cakes are the ones that really charmed me the most. I love the idea of individual portions and the many shapes and details made me, more than once, gasp “Oh my God!”.

You can find all of these little wonders on my boards,, in “Delicious Cupcakes” and “Gorgeous Mini Cakes”, with their links to their own websites. You’ll also find many other beautiful examples!

Can you believe that I’m only halfway done with the kinds of wedding cakes I want to show you? I’m amazed at the quantity of ideas that I found on that subject and if, like me,  your appetite is still unsatisfied, my next post will fulfil you plenty!

To be continued…

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