If you want to get away from convention and make a big impression, you can choose a wedding cake with bold colours or a surprising shape or with unique decorations. And when you go that way, that is where the master bakers creativity really take flight!

Bright Colours

A few years ago, it was uncommon to see wedding cakes in bright colours like fuchsia, orange, red or yellow. Even if it’s so beautiful!

You wouldn’t have dared combining such a bold colour as fuchsia with orange (trendy!) or…

… lime green (surprising!) or …

…black (modern!) or even…

… purple (brilliant!).

And who would have thought to add some lime green as a third colour (inspired!).

Because lime green was usually used as an accent colour, never with beautiful hues as purple, like these.

Purple was more often classic or romantic, it would go with white or pale pink. By combining it to pops of bright colours, like red, you make it vibrant!

Blue were more reserved, in pastels or navy. They never took the beautiful shade of turquoise and they never dared to mingle with fuchsia or lilac.

These days, there’s no limits to colours combinations, you can go all out,  be daring, you can stun and have a blast, and the results are simply breathtaking!

Unusual Shapes

It’s not only the colours that have evolved, the cake shapes also became innovative, unusual and so creative!

A Blast of Shapes, Colours & Ideas

It is now the new normal to play with colours and shapes and to dare to be different. There’s no limit to whimsical, cakes have become the reflexion of the bridegroom’s personality. Innovation is in, for everyone’s pleasure!

Here’s my favorite! This cake shows its creator’s sense of humor and it’s the perfect conclusion to this whirlwind of colours and shapes!

You can find all these cakes, and more like them, on my Pinterest boards at, with the links to their own websites.
And I’m not done surprising you with gorgeous wedding cakes… my addiction to them led me to discover real treasures of creativity…
To be continued…

2 thoughts on “ART NOUVEAU: WEDDING CAKE, Part 3

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