Warning: The beauty of these cakes can be addictive.

Cakes are an essential part of a wedding, they are as important as the bride’s bouquet or the centerpieces in the development of the decor. One of most classic wedding theme is romanticism. It’s a very feminine theme, very delicate, with lace, ribbons and bows, pearls and roses. The colours are very soft, usually white, beige, pink, sometimes black or pastel.

To carry out the romantic theme to cakes, you can choose lace…

You can also use pearls, antique jewels, diamonds or sequins that glitter brightly…
Bows and flowers are also very romantic.
Finally, romanticism can also express itself with a multitude of combinations of lace, bows, flowers, jewels, draping and ruffles.
This is my very favorite, I think it it’s the perfect definition of romanticism, with its hat box shape, its lace, its bows, its pearls and roses.

You can find all these cakes on my Pinterest boards at and, with the links to their own websites. You’ll also find many other superb examples of romanticism.

To be continued…


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