Really, this project is testing my capacity to adapt to any situation and to change my mind. More than once, I had to go back to the starting block and take another direction. More than once…

1) A waisted opportunity

I looked for florists around my client’s region, which I visited before meeting her, so I could give her choices for her flowers bouquet. My favorite:  Foliole (http://www.fleuristefoliole.net/mariage.htm), on Labelle boulevard. The first time I got there, I was mesmerized by all the superb accessories and arrangements. Something caught my eye right away, a bright yellow artificial craspedia spray.

I couldn’t see the price, because the florist was already asking if she could help me and she got me interested in the fresh flowers. But the image stayed in my mind. When I started to create my arrangements on paper, I included these cute little flowers, because I thought they were perfect to set off the other two main colors, lime and orange. My plan was to buy them next time I would go meet my client.

Three weeks later, I went back with the bride to be and, big deception, they were gone! I didn’t follow one of my Golden Rules, if you see something unique and interesting, if it’s not too expensive, just buy it right away. Because you may never see it again! I’m paying for my mistake now. I had to start to search once more for little yellow flowers.

2) Two options for the ceremony

When I first visited the hall, we had decided that the ceremony would be on the dance floor, with the tables pushed on the side. When I met the chef, who was organising the event, he told me that was impossible. He didn’t have the staff needed to set the tables in an hour, after the ceremony. Which meant that the ceremony had to be somewhere else. Two options: either outside on the terrace, which is very nice or inside, in the foyer, in front of the closed hall doors.. We will have to decide a couple of days before the big day, the weather being the deciding factor. The outside option is very cool, beautiful, green and easy to organise. Inside, it’s a bit more complicated… the setting suggested by the chef, in front of the doors, will need some embellishment. So I need to be ready for both…

3) Badaboom, bing, bang, crashhhh!

I wanted to do two tall arrangements to indicate the start of the alley. Last year, I bought 2 pairs of tall vases. I kept 3 of them and lended the 4th to friends who use it in their home decor, with their own arrangement. So I had now 2 vases the same and one different. I started to create my arrangements with colored branches, with my little cat prowling around. She’s crazy about branches, leaves, flowers… I have to be carefull. When I finished, I put a pig plastic bag around the two vases. I don’t know how she did it, but she made them fall and one of them broke into a thousand pieces… Damn! I have to change my set-up again! I called my friends and asked to borrow their vase, which I have to go get in Rosemère, to be able to have a pair of tall vases. After that, I keep my branches & long leaves away from my little one, either out of her reach or very well protected. Even if she checks my every move, she won’t be able to disturb my plan any time soon!

Here you go, these were some examples of all the changes I had to make along the way, and there’s more. It’s really good for my character, these amonts of adaptability that I have to find at my deepest self… See, you can always get some positive out of everything…

To be continued…


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