At last, I found the basis for my concept, my whole theme. Forget about rustic or wood, and go for elegance, transparency and organic. And all of a sudden, everything settles in my head, it becomes clear, logical, aesthetic.

My starting point is still my little square green and orange arrangements, in which I will add a little bit of yellow, an element of surprise that will set off the other 2 colours.

These arrangements are now at the head table. I got my inspiration from these 2 pictures:

Instead of 2 rows, I will only have one and I will alternate the greenery and gerberas arrangements with candles in orange-colored water, also in square vases. In the middle, 2 rectangular vases, filled with grass and 2 gerberas, a little bit like this picture.

On each side, 5 square vases alternating arrangements and candles, all of it on a row of square mirrors. So, green and orange, an organic texture, with the grass, the leaves, the moss and a lot of luminosity with the candles, the water et the mirrors. I continue with that theme for the round tables, but I adapt it to fit the shape and the space. I give my own spin to one of the very popular trend. A rond mirror, 3 circular vases of different heights, submerged flowers and floating candles.
At last, I know what I’m doing and I know it’s gonna be beautiful! But I need to find the elements. I left for my third shopping outing, my head filled with those superb images. I found the tallest vase at the Dollorama, for only 2$. I didn’t want it to be too high, to interfere with the guests field of vision and this one is perfect! I have a feeling that it will be a bit more difficult to find the other 2 heights. Continuing with my mission, I laid my hand on a gorgeous spray of orange flowers at Homesense, that will be beautiful in the tall vases. As I was picking up the rectangular vases at JYSK, my eyes caught a package of cylindrical shooter glasses… Great idea, glasses as vases, and 6 for only $5,99! With that new idea, I ran back to the glasses aisle at Homesense, but found nothing there. No more luck at Stokes.  But on the way, I picked up my 8 beautiful orange gerberas and my cute little grass balls at Z’Axe and came back home, my hands filled with my purchases and very proud of myself. I then went to the Ikea’s web site to discover the perfect height glasses to complete my trio. 6 glasses for $9,99! Here you go, my centerpieces are settled. All I have to do now is test the flower, the candles and the garnish I want to add to them.

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