I decided that my starting point was going to be a picture that Andree (the bride) and Francine (her daughter) both really liked. A square arrangement, green and orange, with gerberas and greens and a very organic texture.

First, I had to find square vases and flowers, and then, develop the rest of the decor. My first idea was to have 2 small square arrangements around something bigger in the middle, all of it on a square mirror, with some tea lights, for luminosity. With a $300 budget, for 5 tables/34 people and the main table, I have around $50 to spend per table. Since I decided to rent linens, like a lime green tablecloth, orange & lime green sashes and oranges cloth napkins, about $10 was already gone. Which meant that I only had about $40 for the centerpiece, so the vases had to be cheap!

For the bridegroom table, I thought about working with wood, maybe like a flower box, on which I could paint the lovebirds names. I found a few examples, to inspire me.

I had sold the gerbera to my client as the central flower in her decor, because it always looks fresh and its colours are very bright. It’s a versatile flower, that goes with all sorts of themes, rustic, romantic, colourful.

And I had tons of them. But when I got my gerberas from last year, I felt they looked cheap… Which is weird, since they were the basis of last year decor, which was superb.

Maybe it’s because since then I became very interested by fresh flowers and I researched them a lot, but I don’t want to use them. Since fresh gerberas are at least $5, it would be $10 for one centerpiece, which is too much, I had to forget about that. My new mission was to find beautiful and cheap flowers, somewhere other than Dollorama.

I left for my first shopping outing with those ideas. And I came back empty-handed! I saw absolutely nothing interesting! No square vase, no beautiful flower, no wooden box… I was a bit discouraged.

But not defeated! I started again the next day, with the strong objective to come back at least with my decor’s base. I was sure I had seen square vases at the Dollorama, but I had to go to 3 stores before finding them. I bought 10 of them, right there. Then I saw very affordable rectangular vases at JYSK and cute grass balls, 4 for $8,99 at Z’Axe. I didn’t buy those, cause I wasn’t ready, but at lest my concept was starting to take shape. Back at home, I did a first set up with the orange table runner, the yellow round mats, the square mirror and 2 square vases… IT DOESN’T WORK!! It’s too big! The tables are quite small, I can’t afford big centerpieces. And only one square arrangement at the center is too small and doesn’t have a visual impact… I have to change plan again!

I went back into my exploration & creation mode. The centerpiece has to be more high than large for the guests tables and the bridegroom table centerpiece has to include 10 square vases, since Dollorama has a no return, no exchange policy… I had to take a few steps back, before going forward… And, eureka, I got it!! … to be continued…

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