A few months ago, a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to do the decor for her mom’s wedding. Yeah, you heard me, her mom. She has been with her spouse for 28 years, they are both over 70 and he asked her to marry him this year. How cute! I answered a resounding YES. I won’t let an opportunity to create a decor pass me by. I knew it was going to be a small budget, but I wanted to have fun with it and to put into action all the inspirations that I’ve seen for months on Pinterest.

I already started to mock-up the whole thing, even before meeting the futures bridegroom. Francine, my friend, asked the first questions and a colour theme was chosen: orange and lime green. I was happy about that since the wedding I did last year was fuchsia, orange and lime green, so I have plenty of things in those colours. And very quickly, I found loads of pictures to inspire me.


One of the big trends of the moment is a rustic feel, with many different bottles with a single flower. I wanted to go that way. I already had seen so many beautiful examples, I couldn’t wait to put my own spin on it.

But my plan was a bit squashed when I went to visits the lovebirds. The wedding will take place where they live, in a big beautiful elegant room, with dark wooden floors, big windows and a touch of exoticism. The nice wooden round tables will be hidden by the tablecloths, but I have to include the chairs, which I won’t be able to cover. They are a bit massive, made of wood, with a white thick fabric back.

I left my meeting my head filled with ideas, but caught a bit off gard. The more I thought of it, the less appealing the rustic approach became. Even more, I’d hope to be able to use fresh flowers, for the first time. But the tight budget won’t permit it. Already, many things were getting eliminated… tulles bows, large centerpieces, bottles..

But they were replaced by new ideas, new inspirations… to be continued…



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