I’m in love with centerpieces. It’s a long-lasting romance, that just got more intense since I became a member of Pinterest. Every day, I discover beautiful examples and it really inspires me!

Side bar… I’m now addicted to Pinterest. I spend hours searching all the boards and “pinning” my favorites. It’s a little bit the reason why I haven’t posted in so long. What an incredible web site, overflowing with creativity. And what better way to get known! I simply love it! But, here I am, my head filled to capacity with ideas and colours.

A wedding is first and foremost a social event and we have few of those in our society. How many times, have you heard “We only see each others at weddings and funerals.” Which means that the communication between the guests is essential and nothing should hamper the exchanges. That is why my point of view on centerpieces is quite conservative.  As the “grande dame” of deco and style, Martha Stewart, preaches, the height of a centerpiece should never exceed the length of your forearm. That way it never gets in the way of the guests talking with everyone sitting at their table.

When I see those superb decor with these magnificent and often, humongous arrangements, with cascading flowers, I think that the stylist forgot to take in consideration the main objective of the event, which is the interaction between everyone attending. Even more, there’s always something happening at the head table or on the dance floor, so everyone should be able to enjoy it without being blocked by a vase or a candle.

You can always splurge and create those big arrangements, but keep them for the table around the room, like the ones for the table settings, the cake or the gifts.

I think that centerpieces should always contain candles, because their warm lighting is so important in creating the right ambiance. Unless it’s a day only celebration. Starting from that, then you can just let your imagination run wild. Flowers, sand, candles, votive, tea lights, bottles, vases, lanterns, bird cages, everything can become interesting in a centerpiece. The starting point is the theme and the colours.

Here’s a few examples of what I found that inspires me.

Superb, no? For more examples, just go see my boards Centerpieces et Candles & Lights on Pinterest ( . Enjoy!

In my next posts, I will show you a few of my own creations.


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