For weeks, my dining room looked like this explosion of colours. Every time I would enter or just pass it in the hallway, it would make me smile. The colours were so bright, the fuchsia, orange and green combination so surprising. And each time , I would create a little bit more, adding an arrangement, a bouquet, an element. I actually made all of my decor elements before packing them to be transported to the hall. Because I knew I would have little time and I needed to be ready.

Once there I had to put 120 tulle bows on the chairs and 32 table runners on all the tables. I was lucky to have the help of the bride sister, Estelle, who did a great job. I also had to assemble the structure for a tulle drape, which I had only done in my head, putting together the tulle with the bamboos and the flowers and making sure it would be secure on the front wall. After that, I had to unroll the aisle runner and sprinkle it with rose petals. I also had to decorate the window ledges and the bar, to place the table numbers, to organise the gift table and to partially install of the centerpieces (didn’t want to show the whole thing during the ceremony). And let’s not forget that I was also a guest, so I needed time to go home and get all doled up and be at the hall to greet all of the other guests.

I planned my time quite well, and everything went without a problem. The only disappointment, when the photographer was ready to take pictures of the centerpieces and all of the decor, we were still transitioning from ceremony to reception. He wasn’t able to take all the shots I wanted for my porto folio. But he still took these beautiful pictures:

Lynn and her Dad. Isn’t she beautiful!! She looks so happy!

I can say without a doubt: mission accomplished! The colourful and tropical decor matched perfectly Lynn & Daniel’s personalities. Their wedding was one of the mots lively and delightful that I ever experienced. The ceremony was touching and romantic, the reception was full of surprises, energy and fun. The bride and groom were beaming and they fully enjoyed the party. They were surrounded by family and friends and you could literally feel all that love and friendship in the air. A truly successful wedding!


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