For the ceremony, I decided to line the aisle with 4 long vase arrangements. I found some beautiful tropical flowers, fuchsia and orange, at the Dollorama. I added colored sand, bamboos, tulle and foliage, to create superb arrangements, in all modesty.

On the other hand, I had to really spend a lot of time looking for nice roses and petals. Because, cheap roses, like the ones you find at the Dollorama, are really ugly and tacky. So I took my time, I search everywhere to find the best quality/ price. I finally found the best  place, , which had all kinds of beautiful flowers at a very reasonable price. I also ordered an aisle runner, round mirrors and candles, so that the delivery price was worth it. It’s always a bit nerve-racking to get a web order, because you haven’t seen the merchandise and sometimes there can be bad surprises.

In this case, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the flowers (I had a bad surprise with the rest of the shipping, but that is another post). I was able to create a lovely bouquet for the bridegroom table, which couldn’t have looked better, even with fresh flowers, in my opinion.

I used the rose blossoms in my centerpieces and in several little arrangements for the gift table.

I also used them in my tulle concoction behind the bride and groom and all around the room.

For the rose petals, I shopped around and found, a really good website. They have a great selection and even a tool that can help to calculate how much petals you need, according to your needs, be it for a complete aisle or only on the centerpieces. You then can order a sample pack of 84 colour samples, for only $5. That way you can see the colours and choose the perfect ones. The prices are really good, with many bargains and the delivery is quick. The result was really pretty. I sprinkled most of it in the aisle and the rest on the tables.

My total budget for flowers and petals for the ceremony and reception: $145. For the following: 4 aisles arrangements, 12 centerpieces, 4 bouquets, 5 littles arrangements for the gift table, the central point of my tulle drape, two columns and a 30 feet aisle. Pretty good, no? Just the bridal bouquet can cost up to $150. Obviously, I couldn’t have done all of this with fresh flowers. I would have had to compromise my vision, while in this case I didn’t and the results were superb. So this is my argument in favor of artificial flowers. It is quite possible to create very beautiful things for a very reasonable budget!


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