Flowers are one of the most important element in a wedding decor. Usually, it all starts with the wedding bouquet, which gives the colours and the tone of the event. But when all you have is a small budget, you can’t even think about using fresh flowers, especially if you have to decorate the ceremony and reception spaces.

I must tell you that when I read designers or stylists blogs or books and they say it’s a sin to use artificial flowers, it really bugs me. I agree that fresh flowers are the best option, but it is possible to create beautiful artificial flowers arrangements, for a fraction of the price and the logistic constraints.

For my friend Lynn’s wedding, I needed 3 kinds of flowers: gerberas for the centerpieces, tropical flowers for the isles arrangements and roses, blooms and petals. I estimated that each flower had to cost a maximum of 45 cents, if I wanted to do everything I wanted to do within the budget I had. I started at the Dollorama, because I knew I could find a lot of flowers for $1 a bunch. You can also find beautiful flowers at Homesense, Bouclair and Z’Axe, but they’re almost the same price as fresh flowers, which is not worth it for a wedding. If you want permanent arrangements in your home, then it’s a whole other thing.

I found fuchsia and orange gerberas at the Dollorama, which were perfect for what I had in mind, along with all sorts of little filling flowers and several lovely tropical flowers. The only thing I didn’t find was beautiful roses.

Gerberas were my centerpieces starting point. I loved their freshness and simplicity. I found colored vases at Ikea that I arranged in a cercle on a mirror, sprinkled with rose petals and I placed one gerbera per vase. I put a candle in the middle, set in a vase filled with green sand, added a few little roses in the sand and finally some green tea lights all around.

When the candles were lit, it was very luminous and colourful.

I made small little bouquets that I arranged on the bar and on the cake table.

I also used them to decorate the bridegroom basket.

The morning of the wedding, I bought two fresh gerberas that I slipped in the bow behind the bride and groom chairs, for the ceremony. A little surprise touch, much appreciated by the bride!


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