I have to confess something, since we’re among friends… I am an addict. It all started in the late 70s. My substance of choice: vinyls. My suppliers: Columbia & Sam’s. I started slow, but I got hooked quickly. I graduated to the new format, CDs, and it got crazy. I was buying 18 at a time, without taking the time to really experiment each of them… Then I got hooked on movies on VHS. I just had to have them, to OWN them. Even if I already seen them, I needed to have them close, just in case I had an urge to see them again. Then came old series, that was something else. I still have backlash from that, 22 tapes of the whole SOAP series, that I just can’t shake, even after 6 yard sales. When VHS became absolute, I was in withdrawal, I needed to find something to replace it, to get the same excitement. So I found DVDs, first, movies, then heavy stuff, TV series. Old, new, whatever, I need to own them. Strangely this addiction has freed me from my other minor addiction to TV. Since I can binge view anytime I want, I’m not chained to my television or my VCR anymore.

And now, I just found something that gives me as much satisfaction as the other stuff, something that I crave, that’s excites me, that inspire me: WEDDING & FLOWERS BOOKS. I just NEED to have them, to hold them, to look at them and savour the colors, the ideas, the beauty… My sister keeps telling me that I can borrow them from the library, but she just doesn’t understand, this need to OWN books, to have them there, always in reach.

But can you blame me? Look at these, can you honestly say that they are not worth it?

This one simply awesome, the advice are very helpful, the pictures are beautiful, the ideas are unique and original. It’s really a gem. This is THE best reference book you can buy.

Same author (she’s great), full of pictures and once more, great ideas. And it has a section, at the end of the book, where flowers are sorted by theme, like classical, tropical, etc. This is a detailed tool, extremely useful.

Again, Karen Bussen. I became a fan because she’s amazing and so talented. The ideas are fresh and original, the pictures are perfect. This is a must for anyone who do a lot of parties.

There’s a lot about bouquets, but the arrangements, the centerpieces and the info are great!

Still a lot about bouquets, but many, many pictures and ideas, suggestions and combinations, advice and expert tips.

I don’t know much about flowers, and this book introduces all of them, one by one, with pictures and beautiful arrangements. A must.

And this one is really good too, it’s a lovely discovery, a surprise, a gift. The ideas are superb, easy to do and straightforward. In addition, they are also inexpensive, since they are done with silk flowers. I love the all, I would use most of them.

So, see, these are vital for what I want to achieve, they bring me inspiration, information and they give me the creative fix I need to function in life. Yes, I’m an addict, but my addiction is one that keeps me alive.

Now, you know, this is off my chest and I breathe a sigh of relief. Because I know that you know and more importantly, I know you understand!


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