For everyone who knows me, you know that I love bright and bold colours and I always had fun combining them with surprising results. My friend Lynn wanted a tropical feeling for her wedding, lots of warmth and she already had chosen orange as one of her colour. She asked me develop a scheme with those two things in mind.

As I was researching the Web for images and ideas, I discovered the picture of a superb orange and fuchsia bouquet, which looked just like this one. A year ago, combining those two colours was really trendy and quite  unusual. I fell in love with this picture and the ideas started to flood my brain. I was so excited that I was restless. I decided upon soft green as an accent colour and I proposed this colour palette to Lynn, who just loved it. She told me, a bit later, that she felt like my brain was such in turmoil that she worried I would lose it! I must agree, I WAS overwhelmed by all the gorgeous pictures that I found on the net, in wedding blogs and in magazine articles, but my mental health was never in jeopardy! Actually quite the opposite! I felt overcharged and all this energy that was surging through me was more than welcomed!

I kept on looking for ideas on the net and then I started to check out the stores and to do a mock-up in my head. I was inspired by everything I found. Since then, those two colours, orange & fuchsia, have become quite popular and you can find a multitude of examples of their superb application. I gathered many of those examples on Pinterest, at this address: http://pinterest.com/francemo/orange-fushia/. Go see, it’s beautiful!

Strong and warm colours really stand out on white, which is often the colour of wedding tablecloths and chair covers. They give a nice energy to your decor. So don’t hesitate to be bold in your colour choices, you’ll never regret it. Try new combinations, experiment with hues, be daring with your selections and your guests will be dazzled by the results, I guaranty it!


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