This has been in works for months, so finally here’s my first post!

Welcome to my blog!

My goal: share my passion for colours, textures, flowers and, I hope, give you ideas for your own receptions and parties. I’ve been creating centerpieces for my own diner parties and for private events for years. I always achieved inspired and unique results, usually with very little money. That is one of my forte.

Per example, last year’s Christmas decorations, in blue, turquoise, lime green and silver. All of these accessories come from Dollorama, Zellers, Bouclair and Stokes. You can find in those stores many beautiful things with tiny price tags, especially after Christmas. It’s so cool that we now have all those colors for Christmas, since we were stuck for so long with only red, green and gold. I love all of the colours combinations,  they are endless and gorgeous!.

If you know me, even just a little bit, you are probably wondering how come a 49 years old bachelor, who’s never even thought about marriage, is now passionate about weddings? How ironic! Well, last year, while I was planning my friends Lynn & Daniel’s nuptials, I realized that the pleasure that I had always felt for decoration had developed in a full-blown passion. And a wedding decor is like the ultimate decor experience. I will try my hardest to convey this intense passion, so follow me and you will get an eye full!

See you soon!


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